Jan 30, 2014

Apply This Method For A Better Life With Spreadsheets

If you are a regular user of Excel for calculations or model building, I bet you spend quite some time to prove the calculations are correct or locating the cell formula that is messing up your impeccable design. I had had my fair share of long hours in navigating from cell to cell and sheet to sheet in search of what-is-wrong. After my frustration had reached its critical mass I realized that the quality of my spreadsheets need to be built in the development process itself. Ever since I practice this belief and hours spent in debugging has been a very small part of the whole process. I will leave aside the errors related to the calculation or model design and I would like to focus on the ones typical for excel - wrong ranges, bad formulas and all others that have the potential to ruin otherwise brilliant spreadsheet.

Jan 22, 2014

Friday Funny: How to Look Smart Any Place Any Time

Even a dachshund could look smart!
These days the pressure to look smart in everything, everywhere all the time is greater than ever. There are also all these moments when we have to or want to look very smart or as if we give a damn but we are bored out of our mind or the head is occupied by nothing but an enormous emptiness. Sometimes even glasses and the latest of mobile technology could not help us out. I may have a solution for this! It does not require purchase of any Apple products, clothing or facial alterations. It is a simple trick that does not requires any specific skill or knowledge.

Jan 20, 2014

How to Fail an Analytical Project

While there are many ways to a succeed in a project the roads to its failure seem to be very few. I would like to start a discussion of the key DON'T-s in specific area of the analytical projects. What are the things to consider before starting the project, avoid and watch for during the project? Read further for some answers.

Jan 9, 2014

The 10 Biggest Myths In Economics - №10 - Economics is a Science

Business Insider has a worth-reading article today - The 10 Biggest Myths in Economics. There are some good points and myths-busting. Number 10 is Economics is a Science. It goes :

"Economics is often thought of as a science when the reality is that most of economics is just politics masquerading as operational facts.  Keynesians will tell you that the government needs to spend more to generate better outcomes.  Monetarists will tell you the Fed needs to execute a more independent and laissez-fairre policy approach through its various policies.  Austrians will tell you that the government is bad and needs to be eliminated or reduced.   All of these “schools” derive many of their understandings by constructing a political perspective and then adhering a world view around these biased perspectives.  This leads to a huge amount of misconception which has led to the reason why I am even writing a post like this in the first place.  Economics is indeed the dismal science.  Dismal mainly because it’s dominated by policy analysts who are pitching political views as operational realities."