Nov 21, 2013

Faster Large Data Spredsheets: Alternative to the IF() Function

Spreadsheets with large data and large number of calculations are  part of the business landscape no matter we like it or not. These spreadsheets require greater focus on the design and the way calculations are performed. One of the culprits for poor performance in this type of spreadsheets is the overuse of the IF() function.This is probably the first of Excel function we learn and one we use the most, often neglecting its negative impact on performance. Recently I have done a project that required a calculation intensive spreadsheet model over relatively large data and good portion of these calculations were conditional. The effort for squeezing out the best performance led me to rethinking the way I handle the conditional formulas and I found an alternative of the IF() function that reaped great benefits. 

Nov 18, 2013

A New Book on Data Science: The Field Guide to Data Science

A great new book on data science is out. The authors are  the experts of Booz Allen Hamilton  - a name that does need an introduction.  The book covers in detail the definition and the basics of data science, provides insight on many topics and reveals some processes employed in the company. I like that it is very practical through the examples and guidelines for solving specific problems of many sorts a data scientist faces. It really is a field guide and helpful companion in contrast to some academical writing. And the best is that is free. Read more and download it here.

Nov 8, 2013

Friday Funny: Screen Size Matters

The life the modern person is a difficult one. From the suffer of choosing the where to eat to mind-numbing complexity of selecting the best AC temperature to the agony of the internet connection that loads Facebook for about 2 sec. I could add more and more but I would focus on just one. These days everyone is a big boss or phenomenal manager or colossal visionary according at least to job titles and Linkedin profiles (see more on that). It is not easy in the office environment either - everyone is sharply dressed and has an iPhone. It is very hard to navigate who is who, doing what and whom to show more respect. Here I offer my 5 cents in treating this terrible ailment.

Nov 7, 2013

Use Simulation to Make an Impact

The Data Warehouse Institute is a great  source for BI and data warehouse as well as analytics. The website has great articles, whitepapers, offers certification and education and organizes one of the best events in these areas. I have been following it for some time and I do recommend it for any professional.

Recently the website published a great article about the use of simulation in an organization - Use Simulation to Make an Impact. It covers the applications, recommends team structure and environment for proper and beneficial simulation. I like the clear structure and extensive coverage despite the small size. Enjoy!