Nov 8, 2013

Friday Funny: Screen Size Matters

The life the modern person is a difficult one. From the suffer of choosing the where to eat to mind-numbing complexity of selecting the best AC temperature to the agony of the internet connection that loads Facebook for about 2 sec. I could add more and more but I would focus on just one. These days everyone is a big boss or phenomenal manager or colossal visionary according at least to job titles and Linkedin profiles (see more on that). It is not easy in the office environment either - everyone is sharply dressed and has an iPhone. It is very hard to navigate who is who, doing what and whom to show more respect. Here I offer my 5 cents in treating this terrible ailment.

I found the fastest way to find where someone is standing on the corporate and social ladder is by checking the size of the screen they regularly use for work. Look at the interns or the entry level positions - they have these enormous screens, sometimes more than one of them. The higher you move on the corporate ladder, the screens steadily get smaller and smaller. PC screens shrink, PCs get replaced by laptops, laptops get smaller and thinner and then replaced by notebooks. This goes on till you reach the top - the boss usually does not need to use screen at all as everything of importance is brought to her by somebody else on a meeting or over the phone. The higher up you go, the less time is spend on staring at charts, analyzing stuff, programming and going through tons of documents and emails. I guess it has something to do with the change in type of work when changing from lower positions to a higher one. No need to state that it is all relative to the industry, scale of business  and so on. Over the years I have checked this trend in numerous business varying in industry, scale and geographical location and I am sure that principle holds and has betrayed me. However, please use with caution :)

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