Sep 24, 2014

Used Car Market in Bulgaria - Where is The Data?

Couple of weeks ago I shared some difficulties that come with forecasting the new cars market. This market is interesting for marketers for obvious reasons but it forms the smaller portion of the total car market. The second hand car market got my interest and I looked around for some data. I focused my curiosity on my home country and I would like to put some popular myths against hard data. It turned out that there is virtually no data at all and I had to do some digging for details.

Sep 9, 2014

The Winding Roads of Car Sales Forecasting

 Forecasting sales of a car dealer is a tough business, much tougher than predicting the total market. Winning a car race is matter of right combination of engine tuning, tires type and pressure, quality of petrol and the other fluids, the race track parameters, weather conditions, the pilot mental and physical status and many others as well as all these of the competitors. Similarly, sales results depend on plethora of interconnected factors that makes forecasting it Heracles-grade labour. However, the challenges in predicting car sales are not unique and it is a good illustration of some of common problems.

Sep 5, 2014

Nice Article About Application of Analytics in Restaurant Business

Restaurants are probably among the most ancient businesses. Analytics steps on the vast experience in the field and adds new insights and creates lot more opportunities. The article Tables, Tablets, Data And Eating published on has some nice examples for that. There are some good points about retail analytics as well. Enjoy!