Nov 18, 2015

From Start up to F**k up - What I Have Learned

I wonder when and why startup businesses became such a big thing. Maybe with the easy access to high tech, available funding and more people got convinced they could develop their own product to kill the market and buy the Hollywood life. However, despite all the books and gurus on the matter, starting a company from scratch is bit more difficult than installing an app on your phone. I am not a doctor but you can trust me on that - year and half ago I co-founded a company and went though the almost full specter of problems and emotions that come with it. The company is focused on retail analytical services and providing BI solution that addresses the specific challenges in that industry. I have recently terminated my tenure there and have the time to reflect and share some of the lessons I took. After all, isn't it a crime if you are in a startup and the world does not know about that?