Mar 6, 2013

What is at the Bottom of the Horse-meat Scandal

The horse-meat scandal has been going on for some time now. There is lots of investigation, people talk and headlines. All that time there has been a question that was bugging me. So, where all that meat came from? Large herds are not roaming free the plains of Europe nor there are traditions in eating horse meats among most of the population there. Also, horse meat is relatively expensive and probably would not be the first choice if someone decide to cheat and reduce the amount of beef in a meal. So, it looks weird to me.

I did some research yesterday and mystery was solved!  The event that triggered all the troubles seems to be a law banning horse-drawn carts off the roads and streets of Romania. That made millions of animals redundant and had to go the slaughterhouse. That's how thousands of tons of horse meat came to the market. I have spent some time in Romania and I did see horse-drawn carts but I am astonished there were so many of them.After all, the country has population of about 20 million and few million horses seem quite high. I guess this could be media inflating the figures for a more dramatic effect.

So, my question answered. One more time I admire the complexity of our world and makes me think twice when I decide about the reason of things.

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