Jan 22, 2014

Friday Funny: How to Look Smart Any Place Any Time

Even a dachshund could look smart!
These days the pressure to look smart in everything, everywhere all the time is greater than ever. There are also all these moments when we have to or want to look very smart or as if we give a damn but we are bored out of our mind or the head is occupied by nothing but an enormous emptiness. Sometimes even glasses and the latest of mobile technology could not help us out. I may have a solution for this! It does not require purchase of any Apple products, clothing or facial alterations. It is a simple trick that does not requires any specific skill or knowledge.

The trick is very simple: just convert vehicle mileage from miles to the gallon to liters per 100km. Use your brain only and aim for a precision one digit after the decimal point. For example, try to tell how many miles to the gallon is  4.3 liters per 100km. For a greater effect, refrain from moving the lips, facial expressions and moving of eyeballs too often.

Words of warning: if you have absolutely no idea how to do that, please refrain from cursing as it would have an effect opposite to the one you are after. The trick won't work if you are one of those who could calculate the orbit parameters of debris after Hail-Bop crash on the Moon without using pen, paper and team of PhDs.

The trick will work for a while, then you will get better in this so no life warranty here. Thank me later!

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