Apr 22, 2016

Is There Anything Wrong with Year 2016

The pop king Prince has passed yesterday at age of 57. He joined a seemingly long list of celebrities we lost this year. Posts on social media go along the lines of "2016 did it again", "First Bowie now Prince" and "Isn't is the worst year ever?". One might really think there is something going on this year. But is it really?

I think not at all! Here is why:
- Wikipedia has articles listing all celebrities who passed in a year. The list of 2016 does not seem to be longer than ones for previous year.
- The presence of some very popular names in 2016 list could be behind the impression something is different but there are many prominent names that are well-know among relatively smaller audiences that pass unnoticed by the popular media. Like the Gareth Thomas but how many remember Blake's 7? That's right, he passed last week.
- Most of the departed were of age and their lifestyles cannot be considered as very healthy.

It seems 2016 is no different than any other year. The difference is many of us grew up with the work of these great artists and they are part of our youth and life and we feel their losses much stronger. In a way they will keep being with us and bring us joy and pleasure.

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