Jul 9, 2014

Is This World Cup Really Better Than Previous Two: Bra 1-7 Ger Update

In my post from last week I played with some data to support the perception of this World Cup being better than the last two tournaments. As I pointed out, data on some statistics from the matches could not explain the perception in full and there is an vast array of surrounding facts and events that could significantly impact it. Such and event happened yesterday when the German team downright demolished  the Brazilian. A result of 7 to 1 is something unheard of in football on semi-final World Cup level particularly for these two teams! It is definitely something to remember and discuss in the years  to come. It is also definitely something that heavily adds to the already established perception for the quality of the tournament. Such a stunning result between classic teams on its own could be a thing to make any tournament a memorable one. The cold data for goals,  shots, distance covered , corners and all the like cannot relay the range of unexpectedness, amusement and all the other overwhelming feelings that come when the Mannschaft annihilated Selesao. The result is just a point in the statistics but it packs a tremendous effect on the fans now and in the future.

Matches like this explain why sometimes football is referred to as "the greatest game".

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