Mar 12, 2014

Pedestrians Are the New Threat to the Nature

The war waged by governments, mindless green-heads, NGOs and a selection of free-roaming lunatics on the global warming had a range of effects on society. One is the  new breed of eco-minded people could finally find financing to go the rainforest where they are bitten and die, get lost and die or take some pictures for their Facebook timeline and return safely home to die by an unknown parasite. Other consequence is that some rich people could get even richer by selling cheap movies or inventing a new trading papers. But my point is not about that. It is about the pedestrians and their found hate towards cars.

Let start with this - cars are good. With a car you could go to the office without walking for hours or smelling like a bum, plus you could buy all the groceries for the week in one go and have plenty of time for reflecting on yourself, a football team or nice time with an individual from the opposite gender. Now, pedestrians hate cars and everyone driving it. Well, at least until they get one (a secret - every pedestrian wants a car). Look in their eyes while waiting them to slowly cross the road or on sidewalk after you parked next to it. There are so many new pedestrian crossings on the streets that sometimes you need to start decelerating right after a short acceleration. And what do pedestrians do while walking on the highly visible zebra-crossing apart from walking like a sleepy snail? They do not look around! As if a newly power over the cars gives them the ability to override the laws of physics. Many cross with the attitude "I'm on foot, the right is on my side!" and "You have to stop and let me go". It is the law on zebra crossing but the inertia simply does not know that. But this is not my point. It is the pedestrians feel free to cross the street any time and drivers have to let them go. And here comes the unintended consequence: with this attitude and thinking they pose a great harm on the nature.You don't believe me I assume. But think about that: the highest consumption of petrol is during acceleration. And when does a car accelerate - right after slowing down or stopping to give way for an organic drone focused on the latest news about a celebrity on her mobile device. Just do the math - take the number of cars on the roads, multiply by the number of pedestrian-cause accelerations, then by the fuel wasted on that, then by the resulting emissions and you would arrive at a very scary figure for pollution. I would not even mention the effects of a petrol trade and distribution. That's how the eco mentality harms the eco-ness. "What about safety then", you would rightfully ask. No compromise with safety of course. i have two points on that. First, safety on the road is not something only your government creates for you but it also requires an active participation and basic thinking on your side as well. If thinking looks too much of a task for you, I am sure there is an app for that as well. Second, there is no need for a compromise at all. Following the rules and considering the other even they are in mid-engine family saloon is a good start. More pedestrian crossings could be built to go over or under the streets - I am sure it much cheaper in the big picture of things.

Some countries are very strict on J-walkers. Most are not though and it is time governments, NGOs and all other involved parties to take the all measures to harness the pedestrians for the good of us all. And especially the drivers!

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