Jun 3, 2014

My Favourite Job-related Joke

Once there was a company and it had a computer system for its intensive operations. One day, out of he blue sky, the system broke down. The company froze - it could not do anything with it - no sales, no orders processed, no purchases. All the gurus from the IT department sweat over restoring the system, but nothing worked, even Google could not give an advice.

The boss was getting really impatient as every minute of system down meant lost business and missed opportunities. Then somebody suggested contacting a guy who was knowing for knowing this type of systems inside-out and could help so they called the expert in. He came, took a quick look at the system setup and log files. Then he wrote single command line, pressed the Enter key and the system magically started working! The boss was relieved everything is back on track and then asked for the price. The expert said, 'One thousand dollars".
This caught the manager by surprise, 'One thousand dollars! But all you did was to write single command line! How can you ask such a price for a 10-minute work?!'
He demanded an invoice with detailed description of all the activities performed that justify this price. The expert agreed and after 15 minutes he handed the manager the invoice. There were two lines in it:
'1. Writing one command line: 1 dollar
2. Knowing what command to write: 999 dollars'

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